Can I Cook Frozen Pizza in an Air Fryer at Home?


The question of “can I cook frozen pizza in an air fryer?” frequently sends pizza lovers into a tailspin. The good news is that you most certainly can! Using an air fryer not only properly cooks your frozen pizza, but it also gives it a unique crispness that common ovens may not achieve.

So, the next time you’re in a hurry, throw that frozen pizza directly into your air fryer. We guarantee it will be a game changer!

Interested in the specifics? We’ve got your back. In the sections that follow, we’ll go over the step-by-step process, temperature settings, timing, and additional tips for making the perfect air-fried pizza.

How I Can cook frozen pizza in the air fryer?

The days of wondering, Can I cook crust frozen pizza in the air fryer? are over. With our full guide now you can quickly turn your favorite frozen pizza into an excellent treat in a couple of minutes. Our tips and tricks will ensure that your pizza is always perfectly crispy and tasty. Continue reading to learn about the exciting world of air frying pizzas and why it might become your new favorite cooking method.

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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Cook a Frozen Pizza in the Air Fryer

Preheat the Air Fryer

Can you cook frozen pizza in an air fryer without preheating? Sure, but for the best results, it’s recommended to preheat your air fryer to around 375°F (190°C). It typically takes around 5 minutes.

Prepare the Pizza  

Remove your frozen pizza from its packaging. If it’s a large pizza, you might need to cut it into portions that fit into the air fryer basket or tray.

Cook the Pizza 

Place the pizza in the air fryer. Ensure it’s not touching the sides and has room for air to circulate. Set the timer for about 13-16 minutes. This might vary slightly depending on the thickness of your pizza and the specific air fryer model you have.

Serve and Enjoy

Once the crust is golden brown and cheese is bubbling and slightly toasted, your air-fried pizza is ready. Carefully remove it from the air fryer (it will be very hot), let it cool for a couple of minutes, and then dive in!

That’s it! Now you know how to Prepare frozen pizza in an air fryer. It’s an easy, quick, and delicious method that might soon become your go-to for frozen pizza. Enjoy the perfect blend of convenience and taste, all thanks to your air fryer!

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Perfect Air Fryer Frozen Pizza Settings

 The key to air frying frozen pizza to perfection lies in the right settings. Here, we’ll guide you on how to set your convection oven to the ideal temperature and timing for the best results.

Start by preheating your air fryer to 375°F (190°C) – this heat level is perfect for achieving a crispy crust and well-cooked toppings. If your pizza is thicker, you can lower the temperature slightly to ensure the pizza cooks through without the crust becoming overly crispy. The cooking time for a standard frozen pizza is roughly 13-16 minutes, but this can vary based on the pizza’s size and thickness.

Remember, the trick on mastering how to prepare frozen pizza is to monitor your cooking piece during the cooking process. Check it halfway through and rotate if necessary to ensure even cooking.

Choosing the Best Air Fryer for Frozen Pizza

When it comes to choosing the best air fryer to prepare your favorite crust pizza, focus on size, power, and features. Not all air fryers are created equal and some models are more suited for pizza than others.

Size Matters:

The first consideration when you ask “Can I cook frozen pizza in an air fryer?” is the size of the air fryer. Ideally, you want an air fryer with a large capacity to comfortably accommodate the size of your pizza. A compact air fryer might not allow your pizza to cook evenly.

Power and Temperature Range:

 Another key factor when learning how to cook frozen pizza in an air fryer is the power and temperature range of the appliance. A powerful air fryer heats up quickly and maintains a consistent temperature, which is crucial for getting that perfect crispy crust.


Finally, look at the specific features of the air fryer. Some come with preset cooking functions, including a pizza setting, which could make the process of cooking frozen pizza in an air fryer a breeze.

Remember, the perfect air fryer for your frozen pizza should be a blend of the right size, power, and features. By making an informed choice, you’ll be a step closer to enjoying deliciously air-fried pizza crispy at home!

Ensuring Safety and Deliciousness

Cooking a frozen pizza is a straightforward process, but ensuring safety and achieving the best results require mindful practice. So, it’s essential to follow some tips to prevent any mishaps and ensure a delectable air-fried pizza experience.

Avoid Overloading

Remember that overloading the fryer basket can lead to uneven cooking. Ensure that there’s enough space for air circulation, which is crucial for that even, crisp finish we all love.

Heat Management

The air fryer can get extremely hot. Use heat-resistant mitts while handling it, especially when taking your pizza out. Always wait for the fryer to cool down before cleaning it.

Time and Temperature

Setting the right time and temperature is important for good cooking. This can change depending on the size and thickness of the pizza, so it’s important to check on it often.

Food Placement

Position your pizza in such a way that it doesn’t touch the heating element of the air fryer. This helps prevent accidental burning or over-cooking.

Cleaning the Appliance

Ensure to clean your air fryer after each use to avoid leftover food particles from burning during the next cooking session, which could potentially alter the taste of your pizza.

By following these safety measures and cooking tips, you’ll master the art of air frying frozen pizza, ensuring not only a tasty, but also a safe cooking experience.


In conclusion, the question Can I cook frozen pizza in an air fryer? is definitively answered with a resounding Yes! And the process of learning how to cook frozen pizza in an air fryer is both straightforward and rewarding. By following the simple steps and safety precautions detailed above, you can transform a simple frozen pizza into a deliciously crisp and well-cooked treat in no time. Remember to consider the size, power, and features when choosing your air fryer, as these factors significantly influence the final outcome of your pizza. With mindful cooking practices and the right appliance, you’ll bring the perfect blend of convenience and taste into your kitchen. Happy air frying!



Can you cook store bought frozen pizza in an air fryer?

Yes, you can cook store-bought frozen pizza in an air fryer. It’s a quick and convenient method that offers a crispy crust and well-cooked toppings.

Is it safe to air fry pizza?

Absolutely! It’s safe to air fry pizza as long as you follow the necessary precautions, like not overloading the fryer and avoiding contact with the heating element.

Can you cook pizzas in an air fryer?

Certainly! Not only can you cook pizzas in an air fryer, but the process often results in a perfectly crispy crust and deliciously melted toppings.

Is frozen pizza better in air fryer or oven?

Both methods have their merits. Air fryers can cook pizzas faster and often yield a crisper crust, while ovens may be better at evenly cooking larger or thicker pizzas.

How do you cook frozen pizza bites in an air fryer?

Place the frozen pizza bites in a single layer in the air fryer basket, ensuring they don’t touch. Cook them at 375°F (190°C) for around 6 to 9 minutes, checking and shaking the basket halfway through for even cooking.

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